I listen to a lot of podcasts.  It all started very small with just one podcast that jumped out at me after reading a blog post.  That one led to another and the avalanche of iTunes subscriptions was on.  There are so many queued up (with so many added every week) that I will not get to them all.  Even with the double-speed listening option on the phone, which I cannot recommend highly enough.  If I hear one of these podcasts in normal speed now I feel like they are playing a game of who can be more sloth-like.  That’s brutal, but you should try the double-speed option.

What’s the point of all this speed-listening?  Each of these hosts has achieved something that I admire and I am trying to emulate.  Better health, more efficiency, more financial control, you name it, these folks have seemed to master it.  And I’m looking for ways to improve.  The saying that is (and should be) beaten into your head goes – you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  The reason for this is partially environment (if all your friends are dining on wings and beer…), but it extends to how you think.  How do you look at money?   Successful people?  Fit people?  Anyone who has something that seems out of reach?  This has been influenced by the people you spend the most time with.

While I fully believe that who you spend time with matters, I also believe that you can create virtual mentors for yourself to break out of the mental cage you have been trapped in.  Do yourself a favor and check out episodes from any of the following podcasts.  It’s possible some are more interesting to me than anyone reading this, but my bet is that you’ll find something useful.  And you will probably find a lead on another virtual mentor based on whoever is being interviewed.  Best of luck…

The James Altucher Show

The Time Ferriss Show

The Model Health Show

Fat-Burning Man

Kwik Brain w/ Jim Kwik

Wealth Talks

WorkLife w/ Adam Grant

The Urban Monk

Rabbi Daniel Lapin


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