My name is Tom Balmer and I help people keep more of the money they make in order to win their own financial game.

I studied accounting in school and followed the typical financial plan when starting my first job. Pour as much as possible into the company 401(k) plan and let the “experts” handle the rest. This worked well for a while, but the market crashing in 2008 taught me a tough lesson. Several tough lessons, actually. Money invested in the market can lose value – quickly. And no matter what the balance, access to your funds is not really an option.

During the dark times of 2008, I used the light from my flaming 401(k) to search for a better way to save. The quest led me to The Perpetual Wealth Code™ and a process where your savings is guaranteed, where you have access to your capital, and you can manage it to best suit your life. This discovery has made all the difference for me. As a wealth mentor with Life Benefits, I help people discover how to put this to use in their own lives.

I look forward to helping you on your own financial journey.