Fans of the Hawkeye football team woke up a couple of days ago wondering if what we had seen was real.  Some of us have spent so much time watching highlights and checking out images from that night that it’s felt like a March Madness level of productivity.  It was not a dream, and the future looks bright.

To catch everyone up, the vaunted Ohio State football team marched into Legendary Kinnick Stadium on Saturday bringing their fawning media friends and 50+ year-old men in face paint. It’s safe to say nearly everyone in the seats and watching on TV expected OSU to walk out with another victory, though some Hawk fans believed it would be close.  Thankfully, the folks wearing the uniforms and calling the plays had other plans for the evening and the result was an instant classic.  55-24, Hawkeyes.  Checked the Internet just now to confirm it was real.

The most powerful message behind this epic beating is one of hope.  This cannot simply be waved off with “that’s why they play the game.”  The Hawks have not played well against OSU for roughly ever, but this meeting was looking extra bleak.  The offense was inconsistent and inept for most of the early season, and virtually every Hawk fan was counting on “Kinnick magic” (it’s a real thing) just to keep the game from getting out of hand.  I say “virtually” because my 11-year-old will read this and remind me that he called this.  Never doubt Nolan.

We’re reminded that there is always room for optimism, and that the most important people in the story are those who are on the field.  In the case of our personal financial well being, the message is the same.  Each one of us is on the field, so to speak, playing our own financial game, and we are the most important players.  We control how much we earn, how much we spend, and how much we save.  The Perpetual Wealth Code™ allows us to retain control of the amount we save, while recapturing interest and fees we are likely giving up.

The football season is looking up, but it will eventually end.  While we continue to cheer on the Hawks, be sure to remember you are the most important player in much more important game.  And there is plenty of reason for optimism.  Looking forward to talking with you.

Go Hawks!

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