Previously posted April 22, 2016

The artist formerly known as, then known again as, Prince died the other day at 57 years old.  May he rest in peace.  There are plenty of articles and posts out there about how he may have died, but I haven’t read any of it.  Part of me is just not interested, but another knows that the ‘how’ is unimportant.  We all meet our end at some point.  While some of us burn out way too soon and others may have already celebrated their centennial, the fact remains that we all end up back in the ground.

This line of thinking sparks memories of two separate movie moments.  Used to watch a lot of movies, which may have to be a future post.  Do you have trouble keeping your mind on one thing at a time?  Am I the only one?  I would prefer not to take any drugs, but occasionally I think one of the ADHD meds might be useful.

Anyway, the movie moments.

Every man dies, not every man really lives

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die

Both of these may seem a bit cheesy, but the films are classics and the sentiment is real.  I did not know Prince as a person, but I would argue he reached “legendary” status and he really lived.  God bless him.  Do we need to become rock gods in order to make this happen?  Of course not.  The idea is to focus on today, and conquer your fear.  Maybe more on that in the future, too.

For now, let’s take the afternoon off.

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