I feel like I’m getting older because I’m getting nostalgic.  I remember a time when political campaigns were limited to the several months leading up to the election.  And when a difference of political opinion did not automatically mean someone was evil/racist/heartless.  Sadly, that’s where we are today and there does not appear to be an end to the madness in sight.  This topic comes up on Thanksgiving eve because families rarely escape the drama of the national crazy scene.  Just remember, whiskey is bipartisan.  And so is gravy.

This blog has a personal finance bent to it and there is an inverse correlation to how we think about national politics and how we handle our money.  How much influence do you have over the national political scene?  More importantly, how much impact does it actually have on you?  Not how much impact do you allow it to have on you, how much does it actually have?  Unless you are reading this from a powerful seat in Washington D.C., the answer is that you have virtually no influence on the national political scene.  And, believe it or not, the drama impacts you much less than you think.

Your choices in your financial life matter.  National politicians don’t.  Focus your energy on the decisions that impact your life and make sure your use of money lines up with your values.  Just like politics (but much more important), all holidays are local.  So, check your verbal weapons at the door tomorrow.  And make the drink a double.

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