It’s May the 4th, and I’m considering seeing Avengers: Infinity War again.  The debate is not if, it’s a matter of when.  While I’m working out my scheduling logistics, let’s consider how similar this film is to the best of the Star Wars series – The Empire Strikes Back.

As a young buck back in 1981, I was fortunate to see Empire in the theater and experience the jaw-dropping “I am your father” revelation.  No Internet back in the day, so spoilers were not quite as rampant.  Of course after Luke has his hand cut off, learns the face of evil is his father, and finds his best friend has been captured by the bounty hunter, the movie ends.  WHAT!?!?  This was not supposed to happen.  The good guys are supposed to win, right?  This was tough on a kid.  For a while there I did not appreciate the greatness of Empire because I was expecting more vanquishing of the dark side, not this “bad guys win” nonsense.

Flash forward to the epic nerd experience discussion with Joe Russo a few days ago and he mentions, specifically, that it’s tough to accept, but sometimes the bad guys win.  Avengers: Infinity War is my son’s version of Empire.  He’s a little more accepting of the ending of this movie than I was back in 1981, but it’s still got him thinking.  What just happened?  Wasn’t Thor’s epic quest supposed to end with Thanos cut in half?  No.  But at least the main character didn’t lose his hand after kissing his sister.

We’ll be back to posting about the Perpetual Wealth Code and other more responsible topics soon, but let’s take some time to celebrate today.  If you need some Star Wars meme inspiration, good stuff right here.

May the force be with you.

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