The college football season kicks off in just a few days and it’s an exciting time to live in a university town.  The weather in the Midwest and the energy in Iowa City are tough to beat during the early fall.  We’ll save the frustration and heartbreak that tends to follow for a future post.  Hopefully not in the near future.

Last week we discussed the very real choice available to high-school students to skip college and determine their own educational path.  This week we’re going to embrace the fact that there are some people who need to attend college and they are known as football players.  That’s right.  These student athletes are the biggest/fastest/strongest of their cohort and college football puts on one heck of a show.  The reality is that there are only about ten teams who have a shot at winning the national title but, at the beginning of the season, everything feels possible.  So the sky’s the limit, Hawk fans.  12-0 once more?

Speaking of the handful of teams that have a pre-season shot at the title, a native of Alabama came to visit our family business the other day.  We talked for a while about what his company did and we eventually got around to the important details of his football fandom.  Born and raised an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, he has seen his share of winning and he’s understandably comfortable with his team.  Must be nice.  Where is that jealousy font hiding?

My new friend from Alabama and clients who practice the Perpetual Wealth Code (PWC) have the same quiet confidence about them.  With the PWC it’s not arrogance or a sense of superiority, just a feeling that they know what they are doing.  The beauty of all of this is that football fans can feel this way for a season or two, but those of us who have a handle on our finances will feel this way for life.  And now that the Cubs have won the World Series, the Hawks can at least win the Big Ten, right?

Best of luck to you and your teams in the coming season.  It doesn’t matter if you are wearing black and gold, red and white, or some unfortunate combination.  Just click here to reach out with any questions about how the Perpetual Wealth Code works and how you can get started by using what you have available to you now.

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