As we enter the dog days of summer here in the heartland I have been thinking how common it is to complain about the weather and how easily everyone falls into this routine.  I’m sure there have been studies done on this, but my unscientific opinion is that it’s easy to relate to something we are all going through together.  Dig a little deeper and you also see this is a topic we have no control over, which makes it even easier to complain about.  The thermometer outside can hit triple digits (on a regular basis for friends in Henderson, NV), and there is very little to be done about it.

On the other end of the spectrum is the explosion in sales of the latest and greatest Wi-Fi thermostats that “learn” your comfort level and adapt to your needs.  In my 10-year-old’s world, these things may also put an unwanted guest into a deep freeze, but that’s a post for a different day.

Aside from a funny sci-fi fantasy, what are these companies selling?  How can these thermostats cost so much and sell so quickly?  What is the need they are fulfilling?  Back to my unscientific study, we are talking about control.

The challenge is to “become the thermostat” in your financial life.  Your entire life, really, but this is a financial blog and once you get this area under control, the rest falls into place.   Due to the recent stock market rise, it may seem like an okay idea to just be a thermometer and watch what happens.  As someone who lived through two crashes of the market, I can assure you that it can quickly go from 72 and sunny to 20 and frigid.

The control you are looking for is found when you save at least 10% of your income, and place it somewhere guaranteed, available, and manageable.  We teach the Perpetual Wealth Code™ to ensure as many people as possible have control over their financial lives, and have someone to lean on during the journey.

Contact me when you are ready to talk further about the control available to you in your financial life.  I’ll also give you my two cents on the new thermostats if you are interested.  Looking forward to talking with you!

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