Health and Wealth

While listening to an interview with Dr. Andrew Weil ( today I was reminded, yet again, of the similarities between physical and financial health.  To start with, staying both physically and financially healthy is based on very simple principles.  Eat natural foods, spend less than you earn, exercise daily, save money for the future, drink […]

Unforced Errors

I was fortunate to grow up in an area with a mother who loved playing tennis.  She taught me to play and helped me understand the nuances of the game.  The goal is to get the ball over the net and land it within the playing area on the other side.  Pretty simple.  Of course […]

Passing of a Daredevil

Bonnie Nelson passed away on December 15, 2018, after a well-fought battle with cancer.  She was 87 years old.  Or, as Robert D. Smith likes to state it, she lived exactly 31,880 days.  The piece below was written for our company newsletter prior to the cancer’s final push, and shows how Bonnie chose to live […]

Measuring Generosity?

If you’re looking for a podcast to explore, I highly recommend Freakonomics Radio hosted by Stephen Dubner.  If you’re familiar with the book by the same title, the podcast follows the same line of discovery.  Are all of our economic/life assumptions wrong?  What is happening beneath the surface that may be changing the outcome we […]