It’s Thanksgiving Day and there is much to be grateful for.  I’m personally grateful to you, dear reader, for taking a few minutes to read this post.  Maybe someday in the near future you readers will have a baby or three and catapult this blog viewership into the double digits.  Glorious times ahead. Today is […]

It just doesn’t matter

I feel like I’m getting older because I’m getting nostalgic.  I remember a time when political campaigns were limited to the several months leading up to the election.  And when a difference of political opinion did not automatically mean someone was evil/racist/heartless.  Sadly, that’s where we are today and there does not appear to be […]

Wait, phones are distracting?

Imagine hiring an assistant whose job consisted of walking around connected to you 24 hours a day and would pinch you whenever he or she felt like it.  This is the equivalent of what our phones are set to do by default.  Notifications for text messages, emails, and every app you have downloaded come standard.  […]