Get Past the Fear and Loathing

Let’s face it, talking about personal finance can be a challenge in our world.  As children many of us were not exposed to how money really works and how to manage it because our parents either didn’t teach us or they didn’t know themselves.  This cycle continues to repeat itself as it has for many […]

Grammie’s Gift

“Some people buy teddy bears, but this is something that will make a difference in his life as he grows”. This was the message from my great-grandmother roughly 42 years ago when she delivered my first birthday present.  The gift was a whole life insurance policy.  Grammie Gladys was a wise lady. While we weren’t […]

If you earn it, you can manage it

A while back I attended a conference called the Wealth Summit and it changed the way I think about “wealth” and money management. The presenters were great, the wealth information spanned a wide range (not just money), and the energy in the room was very positive.  As positive as this experience was, the most profound […]