Millennials are saving, but not enough

Previously posted March 11, 2015 Okay, I borrowed this headline from an article I read recently.  The one edit I would make is broadening it to “everyone is saving, but not enough”.  The Principal Financial Group (PFG) published a study relating specifically to the 25-35 age cohort and the conclusion was what has already been […]

Prepare for a disruption

Previously posted March 2, 2015 TD Ameritrade recently published a survey stating that two thirds of Americans had suffered some sort of financial disruption in their lives, which translates into $2.5 trillion in lost savings.  While the numbers seem outlandish (158 million people, trillions in lost capital) the premise of the “financial disruption” and the […]

Think twice about 401(k) loans

Previously posted January 19, 2017 Part of my role in the family business focuses on employee benefits so I have quite a bit of experience with 401(k) providers and the stacks of regulations associated with these plans.  One feature of the 401(k) plan is the ability to take out a loan against your balance. It […]

Obama now a retirement savings expert

Previously posted January 27, 2015   As you may have heard, the president feels the federal government needs to be even more involved in your retirement savings and he is proposing changes to the tax code to make this happen.  “Fairness” for middle class savers is his stated motivation, but forgive me if I don’t […]